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Siga Wigluv review tape

Siga Wigluv – High Performance Tape – Falling In Luv With Airtightness

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SIGA Wigluv charges into the construction scene like a bull in a china shop, claiming its throne as the top-dog solution for creating durable, windtight seals on a smorgasbord of building surfaces:

Wigluv tackles everything from breathable and facade membranes to wood, OSB, and metals with the grace of a heavyweight champ.

It’s constructed of a unique, vapor-permeable polyolefin (PO) film, reinforcing mesh, and pressure-sensitive glue. The dreamy combination paris beautifully with SIGA’s Majvest and doesn’t just pump up its driving rain resistance — cred backed by the brainiacs at TU Berlin — but also struts its stuff across a range of widths up to 300mm, flexing its versatility for all those sealing throwdowns.

The single-sided tape’s adhesive might grips tight across temperatures cold enough to freeze your tail off to hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk (-40°C to +100°C), laying down the law in any weather brawl. And with a perm rating sitting pretty at 1.7 US perms, this tape’s got the chops for Passive House gigs, playing defense against water like a pro while letting the moisture breathe easy, steering clear of the condensation blues.

This champ’s not just about brute strength; it’s got the brains to match—geared up to hang tough against UV rays for a whole year and meet the picky AAMA 711-13 standards for window flashing. With hands that don’t need no stinking primers for most substrates and a bond that sticks harder than a piece of gum on a hot sidewalk to even the trickiest materials, Wigluv sprints past the finish line. Its durability isn’t just talk; tensile strength, water penetration sass, and a mean right hook against thermal cycling show it’s built to last, without cracking under pressure or turning into a crybaby in the cold.

And for those worrying about chemical compatibility, this tape’s got a list of sealants it vibes with, making it a no-drama storage keeper for your long-term sealing escapades. Freed from the bad juju of caoutchouc, resin, or solvents, Wigluv flips the bird to water ingress while keeping the building envelope tighter than a miser’s wallet, proving itself an indispensable wingman in the ring of energy-efficient and durable building construction.

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