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Cor-A-Vent SV-5 Review Rainscreen Siding Vent

Cor-A-Vent SV-5 Rainscreen Siding Vent – A Breath Of Fresh Air For Your Walls

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Cor-A-Vent SV-5 rainscreen siding vents are elevating the world of siding drying potential by increasing ventilation and managing moisture with a 92% drainage efficiency.

Made from durable profile extruded polypropylene plastic, the ¾” thickness is tougher than a two-dollar steak on fight night, offering a steadfast barrier against moisture and unwelcome critters that think your home is their party pad.

Its heat-resistant and impact-resistant properties ensure stability and longevity, while its crush-resistant nature stands up to external pressures, distinguishing it from less durable “drainage mat” products; even getting a nod from James Hardie.

Compatible with ¾” thick wood furring strips or doubling up with Cor-A-Vent Sturdi-Strips, and perfect for those times you’re wrapping your house like a present with exterior rigid foam insulation, the Cor-A-Vent SV-5 sets up killer rainscreen drainage and airflow at both ends of your wall. Each 4-foot Cor-A-Vent SV-5 stick is as easy to manage as a diet soda at a barbecue, offering a 60-foot conga line per carton, ready to boogie on both residential and commercial dance floors, ensuring your siding doesn’t warp, paint doesn’t bail like a band at closing time, and moisture-related drama stays out of your life.

You’re not just building a house; you’re crafting a fortress with the SV-5, ready to stand tall, dry, and bug-free, making living spaces more comfortable and durable without breaking a sweat or the bank.

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