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Proclima Visconn Review Liquid Flashing

ProClima Aerosana Visconn – Liquid Flashing + Airtightness Sealant – The Wet Sealing Wonder

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ProClima Aerosana Visconn demonstrates exceptional versatility and efficiency as an air-sealing solution tailored for a wide range of construction scenarios, from wall and ceiling surfaces to detailed connections around windows, doors, and roofs.

Its application versatility allows for spraying, brushing, or rolling, seamlessly adapting to any substrate including masonry, wood sheathing, and fiberboard, effectively bridging cracks and joints up to 3mm. Just like a mullet at a business meeting, it stands out for all the right reasons.

ProClima’s modified aqueous acrylate polymer dispersion formula delivers a durable, elastic, and seamless barrier that dries to form a dark blue/black protective layer, which is both water-resistant up to 2000mm and capable of withstanding up to 1000 Pa of airtight pressure around windows. Its humidity-variable diffusion resistance ensures optimal indoor climate control, making it suitable for interior and exterior applications.

The product operates effectively within a temperature range from -40°C to +90°C once dried, demonstrating strong temperature resistance, and offers impressive environmental and health safety features, including low VOC content and compliance with various international standards like LEEDV4 and the Living Building Challenge RED list, ensuring its contribution towards sustainable and efficient building practices. It’s like Mother Nature and Father Time had a baby, and it was environmentally awesome.

Furthermore, Aerosana Visconn’s certifications, including PHI and IFT Rosenheim, validate its efficacy as an air and water barrier, highlighting its capability to improve building envelope performance significantly—kinda like how I improve the ambiance of any party I enter. The product’s quick drying time (12-48 hours), coupled with an effective coverage efficiency (~1.33m²/l), underscores its practicality and cost-efficiency for large-scale projects.

It sticks to surfaces like I stick to winning; effortlessly. Its adaptability to be plastered or painted over, and compatibility with Pro Clima adhesive tapes, simplifies the construction process, ensuring seamless integration into various construction phases without compromising on airtightness and vapor variability. Designed to meet stringent international building standards, Aerosana Visconn provides a robust solution to architects and builders aiming for energy-efficient, durable, and healthy buildings, making it an indispensable tool in achieving superior building envelope performance.

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