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Proclima adhero 3000 review membrane

ProClima Adhero 3000 – Monolithic Vapor-Permeable Membrane – The Ultimate External Shield

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The Adhero 3000 membrane by ProClima steps into the construction scene like a boss, wielding its groundbreaking, self-adhering, and monolithic TEEE membrane.

It’s a moisture management maestro, boasting a vapor permeance of 8 to 11 perms, and adheres to a multitude of surfaces including plywood, CLT, OSB, just like how opinions stick to the internet – effortlessly but firmly.

This roll of defiance boasts an air permeance of 0.00004 cfm/ft2, stands tall against a 33′ ft water column, and tailors its UV/weather resistance like a bespoke suit, offering up to six months of solid protection. Plus, for the environmentally conscious crowd, it’s like a superhero cape that’s also green, meeting Living Building Challenge standards and waving the Red List Free banner proudly, much like a vegetarian at a BBQ.

Taking rugged to a new level, ProClima Adhero 3000 isn’t just strong; it’s got the kind of hail impact resistance that makes nature think twice (classify HR 4/5), and tensile strength that’s extremely hard to break (250 N/5 cm MD). Capable of handling temperature swings from the icy cold of -40°C to the blistering heat of 100°C, it’s as adaptable as your mood during a caffeine withdrawal.

A PP cover fleece sticks better than a catchy pop song in your head. Sporting a fire rating that smirks at danger under EN 13501-1 as C – s1,d0, and rocking the best in weather and mechanical resilience, ProClima’s Adhero 3000 plants its flag firmly in the territory of ‘future building standards’. Merging top-notch environmental credentials with a durability that’s tougher to penetrate than a teenager’s social life, this is the solution for maintaining construction project integrity in the face of climatic adversity.

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