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siga fentrim review tape

Siga Fentrim – High Performance Tape – Tenacious To Tame Air Leaks

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SIGA Fentrim offers an innovative primer-free flashing solution for critical building envelope details such as above-grade masonry connections, making it a superior alternative to the likes of Wigluv tape with its enhanced adhesive abilities.

This 26-mil thick, high-performance acrylic adhesive tape clings to a variety of substrates like a stage 5 clinger, including the rough and challenging surfaces like concrete and OSB, without the need for a primer, streamlining the installation process.

It’s even tough enough to handle cold weather application, proving its versatility. With a slight perm rating of 1.72 US perms, it ensures breathability, effectively preventing condensation buildup, rot, and mold, which is crucial for maintaining the building’s structural integrity. Designed specifically for the exterior sealing of window and door frames in solid construction, it offers windtight and driving-rain proof protection.

Fentrim 430’s felt-like texture not only makes it easier on the hands during application but also aids in creating a seamless air and water barrier when used with itself or SIGA WRBs like Majvest. Available in widths of 4″, 6″, and 9″, it meets a variety of project requirements, including cold climate installations from +14 °F.

Meanwhile, the tape’s robust polyolefin carrier laughs in the face of jobsite abrasions while staying flexible in below-freezing temperatures, showcasing its durability (-40 °F to +212 °F). Superior adhesion to cured concrete, metal, and wood broadens its application, especially suitable for sealing exterior component joints for both solid and metal structures outdoors.

Designed to withstand up to 4 months of UV exposure, it remains dependable during the construction phase, and its high adhesive strength is maintained across various temperatures. The roll length of 82 ft, combined with the minimum 2″ surface contact requirement for masonry substrate, ensures both effectiveness and economy. The sleek gray color of SIGA Fentrim 430 offers a neutral appearance, blending seamlessly with various building materials and designs, underscoring its utility as a comprehensive sealing solution for modern construction challenges.

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