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Rothoblaas Flexi Band Tape – FLEX-traordinary Tape Performance

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Rothoblaas Flexi Band Universal Tape struts into the spotlight as the undisputed heavyweight champion of adhesive technology.

With an exemplary adhesion strength that obliterates the 30 N/25mm mark, it ensures a rock-solid grip across a kaleidoscope of surfaces, showing zero respect for challenges like dust and dampness.

This efficacy is backed by its robust composition, armed with a PE film and a reinforcing polyester grid that not only boosts tear strength beyond 50 N/25mm but slaps it with a UV resistance lasting up to 6 months – take that, Sun.

The special adhesive compound, a mix between a solvent-free acrylic dispersion and a silicone-coated paper release liner, refuses to back down, remaining potent within a ballsy application temperature range from -10°C to +40°C and flexing its muscle across a temperature resilience spectrum of -40°C to +80°C. It’s not just strong, it’s smart, validated by a certification from the Passive House Institute and flaunting its health-conscious side with a VOC content of 23 µg/m3 and an Emicode GEV EC1 Plus rating, proving it’s not just a tough guy but also cares about the air you breathe.

Flex those muscles because this tape has a total thickness of 0.34 mm (13 mil) and an expansion capacity of 20%, showing it’s durable yet flexible, like a gymnast on steroids. It sticks with gusto to smooth surfaces such as wood and OSB panels, and if you think that’s all, think again. With its ninja-like resistance to moisture and a fire resistance that laughs in the face of danger for over 100 minutes, this tape isn’t just a product, it’s a hero in a builder’s airtightness toolbox.

Presented in versatile sizes to tackle any mission, Rothoblaas Flexi Band steps into the ring as the undisputed champion of high-performance, passive-house grade, airtightness products, proving that sometimes, it pays to stick around.

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