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Siga Majrex review interior membrane

Siga Majrex – Intelligent Interior Membrane – Breathe Easy, Build Smart

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Harnessing the game-changing Hygrobrid technology, SIGA Majrex is the heavyweight champion in the intelligent control of moisture and air.

Majrex acts like the ultimate gatekeeper who decisively only lets moisture out, never in, from your building’s interior.

This innovative membrane not only lays the smackdown on potential moisture-induced mold and rot, safeguarding the structural integrity like a seasoned bodyguard. It also elevates indoor air quality to MVP levels, ensuring your living space is not just comfortable but a frontrunner in energy efficiency.

Its robust, dimensionally stable (shrink and stretch resistant), fiber-reinforced PE/PP sheet membrane effortlessly flattens out, eliminating wrinkles and speeding up the installation process with ease, thanks to its integrated cutting guide that trims down on both time and waste. Tailored for wide-ranging applications — from walls and ceilings to the demanding requirements of dense pack settings — Majrex teams up seamlessly with Siga’s Rissan tape, setting a new benchmark for building standards, especially in the elite arena of passive house projects.

Furthermore, Majrex is like having your own defensive line against drafts and heat loss. Not to mention it sports a class A surface burning characteristics to amp up fire safety like a pro. With its low air permeance and dynamic vapor variability, it swings between 0.097 to 4.25 US perms: meaning it adapts intelligently to any environmental variable thrown its way.

Lightweight yet as durable as old-school leather, and so user-friendly it could practically throw itself into existing building strategies. Majrex is the go-to for both the avant-garde and the traditionalists aiming for the hall of fame in sustainable, energy-efficient, and salubrious living spaces. Majrex knocks stringent energy codes and blower door scores out of the park, and makes nailing  those long-term airtightness goals a breeze.

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