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Top 100 Best Home Board and Batten Ideas – Exterior Board and Batten Siding Designs

Home Board and Batten Ideas – Top 100 Best Exterior Board and Batten Siding Designs

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Dive into the beautiful world of exterior board and batten siding designs for your home sweet home. This style, oh it’s a classic – pure American classic.

It got its start in the good ol’ US of A as a bold answer to those soggy log cabins. You see, back in the day, around the mid-19th century when folks were tougher and the beards were longer, barns and houses started sprouting up with this board and batten getup, snatching inspiration from those rugged Nordic European structures.

We’re talking about starting with these beefy vertical planks – the boards. Then, you slap on these slim vertical strips – the battens – right over the cracks. Early farmers, those champions, would chop down trees and mill them into these long boards themselves. The battens then came in like a closer in the 9th, sealing the deal, keeping the cold air out and the warm air in, just like a well-insulated jacket on a cold night.

Originally, it was about being practical, cheap, and easy, kind of like my approach to a night out. Now though, in today’s game, those batten strips have gone all fancy on us, serving more swagger than function, and giving all you home-designers out there a whole field to play on creatively. It’s about making your home’s exterior as legendary with an unmistakable and jaw-dropping architectural exterior style.

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