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Top 100 Best Wood Home Exterior Ideas – Wooden + Timber Home Exterior Designs

Top 100 Best Wood Home Exterior Ideas – Wooden + Timber Home Exterior Designs

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Wood home exteriors – one plank at a time. It’s the ultimate guide to turning your abode into a stunning timber masterpiece.

I’m talking about a visual safari that showcases the top-tier, drop-dead gorgeous wooden home exteriors. So, strap in, because we’re about to explore a gallery filled with cherry-picked timber home design ideas that are nothing short of architectural wonders.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the unmistakable allure of wood. When it comes to wood cladding, nothing beats the distinctive architectural characteristics of natural grain. Modern materials may replicate grain patterns, but nothing comes close to the real thing. There is beauty in the imperfect, and wood comes with it’s flaws and all.

It’s the choice for those wanting to keep their domains as close to Mother Nature as possible, without actually living in a tree. The way the grains on these bad boys dance in the sunlight is nothing short of artistry.

However, not everything of beauty is without pain. For starters, wood’s about as flammable as a temper on a bad day, not exactly what you’d call a safe bet, unless of course, you opt for something denser, like IPE, which is about as tough as steel. The common softwoods, while majestic, are about as durable as a two-dollar glove; they scratch easy, stain easier, and their upkeep demands a commitment on par with signing a lifelong contract. And don’t get me started on pests and rot — unless you’re okay with treatments every season, forget about maintaining that fresh, rich hue. Speaking of which, IPE turns as grey within the first year unless you’re coating it on a yearly basis. Even the best woods require some form of work to maintain their elegance.

Now, for the real MVPs of the wood world: pine, redwood, accoya, thermally modified woods, hem fir, and western red cedar. Each of these brings something unique to the table. You got your shingles, your tongue and groove, your shake siding, lap siding, board and batten, timber logs, and split logs — the full lineup ready to bring personality to your home’s exterior.

Whether it’s the natural elegance you’re after, the prestige of having a uniquely timeless exterior, or the sheer love for the game of standing out, wood exteriors are architectural wonders, but only if you’re willing to meet their unique maintenance demands. When it comes to wood home exteriors, go big or go home. Let your home’s exterior be the jewel of the neighborhood.

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