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New home must haves and nice to haves stone fireplace

Top 300 Best New Home Features – Must Haves And Nice To Haves For Custom Homes

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Do you ever stop and think, “Ah! If only I had considered that…” when faced with the plethora of choices involved in creating a new custom home?

Well, let me take you on a journey where building a luxurious and energy-efficient home becomes an adventure filled with unexpected discoveries. Follow along and you’ll never miss out on those new home must haves or nice to haves. Best of all, you can futureproof your home for future remodeling, aging in place, and more.

Our homebuilding saga was a daring exploration into the realms of cutting-edge building science, unparalleled energy efficiency, and innovative construction materials. We refused to settle for the ordinary, and our bold approach sometimes left even seasoned tradespeople scratching their heads in disbelief.

One trade remarked, “We’ve never done this outside our showroom when crafting full quartz waterfall island countertops.”

But you see, it’s the visionaries, the ones labeled as ‘crazy,’ who often achieve the extraordinary. Through our unconventional methods, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge – a treasure trove that spans lifetimes in the realm of homebuilding and custom construction.

While most view the creative aspects – such as architectural design and color choices – as the highlight of the building process, the reality is that the true magic lies in the nitty-gritty details often overlooked. Buckle up because I’m about to dive into the less glamorous yet essential aspects of homebuilding that rarely get the spotlight.

These are the things that might not have crossed your mind but could make all the difference in creating your dream sanctuary. As I compiled this comprehensive checklist, I envisioned a resource that encapsulated the pinnacle of homebuilding expertise, an encyclopedia of insights and revelations that I’m now sharing with you.

Embarking on a custom home project opens up a world of possibilities and endless considerations. Imagine having all those burning questions and innovative ideas captured in one place? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve strived to achieve with this extensive “must-have and nice-to-have” list.

So, my dear friend, if you have your own groundbreaking new home must have ideas or revolutionary feature innovations in the realm of custom homes, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s expand this mega-list together and create something truly unforgettable for all those who are homebuilding.

Our favorite new home features, must haves and nice to haves:

1. Double dishwasher: Picture this: a kitchen revolutionized with not one, but two dishwashers ready to take on the aftermath of epic dinner parties and family feasts alike. For those who love to throw down in the kitchen, this game-changing addition means you’re spending less time juggling dishes and more time mastering your culinary craft. Imagine the freedom of effortlessly loading up a storm’s worth of plates and cutlery, hitting a button, and walking away like the kitchen wizard you are. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a ticket to doubling down on what you love, minus the cleanup saga.

2. Christmas light soffit outlets: Think about the magic of the holiday season, with your home lit up like the star of the neighborhood – all because you decided to get savvy with soffit outlets for your Christmas lights. No more extension cords snaking around like holiday tripwires. Instead, you’ve got the power right where you need it, blending in so well that it’s practically invisible until it lights up your home with that festive glow. It’s all about keeping the joy bright and the hassle out of sight, making your place the beacon of holiday spirit and envy of the block, all with a simple, yet genius, touch.

3. Staircase outlets: Now let’s talk about revolutionizing your staircase with the strategic placement of outlets. Gone are the days of dragging extension cords up and down the stairs or wrestling with decorations that just can’t reach the power source. Whether it’s powering up the vacuum to tackle the steps or plugging in those twinkling garland lights during the festive season, these outlets are your unseen heroes. They quietly redefine convenience, marrying the charm of your home’s décor with the stealth functionality of modern living. Your staircase isn’t just a pathway; it’s a power hub that keeps your life moving smoothly.

4. Underground rainwater collection perimeter drains: And then, there’s the unsung hero of home upgrades: the underground perimeter drain system. Imagine a moat of modern engineering, invisible to the eye, encircling your home to protect your kingdom from the siege of rainwater runoff. These hidden guardians collect and whisk away the water from gutters and downspouts before it ever has a chance to breach your foundations. It’s peace of mind, tucked away beneath the earth, ensuring the sanctity of your castle from the threat of water damage. You’re not just installing drainage; you’re securing a fortress, keeping your living space dry and your worries at bay.

5. Greywater harvesting station: Picture this: you’re chillin’ at home, knowing you’re killing it in the eco-game with your own greywater harvesting setup. This bad boy takes all the water from your showers and sinks, then flips it into your garden’s personal hydration station. You’re saving the planet, one shower at a time, not to mention keeping your bank account happy by slashing that water bill. It’s like giving Mother Nature a high five – with every drop of water you recycle, you’re doing your bit to keep the earth cool, just like you.

6. Occupancy switches: Throw in some occupancy switches around your castle, and bam, you’ve just stepped up your game. Think about never having to juggle a laundry basket and the light switch again or walking into your pantry hands-free and still getting the VIP lighting treatment. These switches are your silent butlers, waiting to light up your life at the slightest movement, turning mundane tasks into a walk in the park.

7. Recessed bathroom nightlights: Now, let’s talk about setting the mood right with some recessed bathroom nightlights. These aren’t your average nightlights; we’re talking sleek, subtle lighting that makes those midnight bathroom trips less of an adventure and more of a dream. They’re like the secret agents of your home, blending into the background but always there to guide your way. And your partner? They’ll thank you for not waking them up, making you the true hero of the night.

8. 200+ amp panel service: Upgrading to a 200 amp panel service is like giving your home a VIP pass to the electric world. For those living large or planning to, especially with electric rides in the garage, this is a no-brainer. It’s about ensuring every piece of tech you own has its slice of power without flipping a break. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a lifestyle change, ensuring your home stays powered up for whatever modern life throws at it.

9. Recessed ceiling can (or canless) lighting: Ditch the old school lamps and step into the light with recessed ceiling can lighting. This is where form meets function in a symphony of style, giving your space that clean, modern look while also opening up the room like you wouldn’t believe. It’s about creating a vibe that says, ‘Yeah, I got this’, turning your living space into a sleek, shadow-free haven that’s as inviting as it is impressive.

10. Prewire for fans and chandeliers: Pre-wiring for fans and chandeliers is like laying down the red carpet for the stars of your ceiling. It’s about being prepared to bring luxury and comfort to your home at a moment’s notice. By having the essentials in place, you’re telling the world you’re ready to elevate your space with a mere flick of a switch. It’s a subtle nod to future elegance, ensuring your home is always dressed to impress, ready to host anything from a serene breeze to a dazzling light show.

New custom home feature high performance windows

11. South-facing windows: Who doesn’t want to wake up feeling like the sun has entered their home to personally greet them? We sure did. So, we punched some more holes in the walls and called them windows. Yeah, it’s a trade-off—like exchanging a linebacker for a quarterback. You lose some defense against the cold, but the view and vibes? Unbeatable. Just remember, you’re trading some wall R21 armor for a glass shield rated at R3-5. Let’s talk about turning your pad into a sunlight-catching, cozy haven when the mercury drops. Picture this: You’ve got windows facing south that pull in that golden glow all winter long, making your place the warmest spot on the block without cranking that thermostat. Now, when summer hits and it’s hotter than a pepper sprout, those cleverly designed overhangs throw shade like a boss, keeping your crib chill. Think of it as your home working smarter, not harder, to keep you comfortable. That’s right, a house that practically heats and cools itself like some futuristic, eco-friendly lair.

12. Expansive slider and bifold doors: Imagine throwing a bash that spills from your living room right out into the starlight. That’s the magic of having walls that practically disappear, thanks to these badass sliders and bifold doors. It’s like your pad just got a major league upgrade, blurring the lines between indoors and out. This setup isn’t just for looks; it’s about making your place the ultimate hangout spot where boundaries don’t exist, and the flow from your killer interior to the great outdoors is as smooth as my fastball. A game-changer for anyone who loves to host the party of the year or just kick back in an open, airy space.

13. Kitchen countertop sink height windows: Now, let’s get into the heart of the home — the kitchen. Imagine you’re whipping up some epic meal, but instead of staring at a wall, you’ve got a window right there where the action is, at sink level. It’s like being the star of your own cooking show with the best damn view. Not just for those gourmet moments, but for keeping an eye on the little leaguers in the backyard without missing a beat. And for homes that stack up, think about sneaking in a window that brings that ground-level vibe to your upstairs. It’s all about blending the inside hustle with the tranquility of your outdoor sanctuary.

14. Utility room, laundry, and garage drains: Let’s not forget the unsung heroes of the home front – utility spaces. By outfitting your laundry zone, mudroom, and garage with drains, you’re turning these spots into the MVPs of your home team. Picture this: No more stressing over muddy cleats trampling through the house or a rogue hose turning the garage into a swimming pool. It’s about making those cleanup plays smooth and slick, ensuring your home’s running like a well-oiled machine. It’s the strategic move that might not grab headlines, but sure as hell saves the day when the unexpected hits. Keeping your house in tip-top shape, effortlessly, now that’s a power move.

OSB sheathing upgrade advantech

15. Plywood or Advantech sheathing: When we dove into the guts of our personal palace, we didn’t mess around with any of that standard-issue sheathing. Nah, we rolled with the 5/8” Advantech OSB because when it pours, I don’t want my walls turning into mush. This stuff is like the armor plating of the building world – tough against water and doesn’t bend or bow like those other papery excuses for sheathing. You’re building a fortress, not a cardboard castle. I’m a fan of plywood for durability, but for strength it’s hard to beat OSB.

16. Thicker subfloors: Most folks settle for the 3/4″ snoozefest, but we cranked that dial up to 1 ¼” of Advantech greatness. It’s like laying down the bedrock for your indoor terrain. No more tiptoeing around to avoid the creaks and groans of a weak floor beneath your feet. This is the solid ground you deserve, making your home not just a place to hang your hat, but a bastion of comfort and sturdiness.

17. Glued and screwed subfloor: Ever danced across your floor only to be heckled by squeaks and pops? Well, that’s a buzzkill we dodged by doubling down with glue and screws on our subfloor. It’s like adding a secret handshake between the floor and its joists – tight and quiet. We even slapped some construction adhesive on those metal hangers, making them cling tighter than a scared kid to a teddy bear. This isn’t just about avoiding a noisy walk; it’s about crafting a silent, steadfast base that whispers quality.

18. Dead flat, stronger walls: Walls that wobble or wave? Not in our house. We’re talking dead straight, stronger-than-a-bull walls, thanks to the marvels of engineered lumber. LVL, LSL – these aren’t just fancy acronyms; they’re your ticket to a home that stands tall and unyielding against whatever Mother Nature throws at it. While others may settle for less, your home will be the immovable object; a testament to strength and precision in a world of compromises.

19. Longer lasting roofing materials: Let’s not forget the crown of your castle – the roof. Skipping the typical asphalt shingles, we suited up our home in the armor of modern roofing: concrete tile, slate, or even metal. These aren’t just shingles; they’re shields against the elements. Beyond just looking majestic, they’re a wallet-friendly move in the long run. Lower maintenance, higher durability, and they’re kinder on the planet too. It’s not just a roof; it’s a legacy.

20. Seamless gutters: Rounding out our fortress of solitude, we didn’t skimp on the gutters. Seamless is the name of the game, especially if you’re talking the Rolls Royce of gutters – copper. Leaks? A thing of the past. These gutters channel water like a Vegas casino channels tourists – efficiently and without any unnecessary drama. By installing these bad boys, not only does your home’s curb appeal skyrocket, but you also shield your kingdom from water damage, ensuring that your abode stands the test of time. It’s not just about keeping the rain away from your doorstep; it’s about preserving the integrity and beauty of your sanctuary for generations to come. With seamless gutters, you’re investing in peace of mind, knowing that every drop of water is expertly guided away, protecting your castle from the top down. This isn’t just home improvement; it’s home armor.

21. 5/8″ drywall: Ditch the standard-issue walls and jack up your crib with some 5/8” drywall. This ain’t just about looking pretty; it’s about turning your home into a fortress of solitude. Thicker walls mean you won’t have to listen to your neighbor’s terrible taste in music, and that extra bulk also keeps your castle cooler in the summer and toastier in the winter. Plus, if things ever get spicy, you’ve got better fire protection. It’s like wrapping your house in a bear hug that also tells noise and heat to back off.

22. Frost-free hose bibs: If you’re holding down a fort in a place where the weather gets nastier than a bar fight, frost-free hose bibs are like having a secret weapon. Roll with “Aquor House Hydrants” and watch your friends’ jaws drop when they see your outdoor water setup. These bad boys ensure that when winter tries to freeze you out, you can still water your lawn or wash your ride without the pipes bursting. It’s not just about having water access outside; it’s about making Jack Frost sit down and shut up.

23. Interior wall blocking: Think putting in extra support for your bathroom fixtures sounds as exciting as watching paint dry? Think again. Throwing in some interior wall blocking is like putting a weight training regimen into your walls. It means your towel racks and TP holders won’t rip out of the wall when you go to grab them. It’s peace of mind, knowing that the only drama in the bathroom will be from your killer shower singing, not from fixtures playing gravity games.

24. Automatic safety garage lights: Ever tried fumbling for the light switch in a dark garage, feeling like you’re auditioning for a horror movie? Dodge that noise by hooking up your garage with automatic safety lights. Throw in a battery backup for your garage door, and you’ve got a setup that keeps rolling even when the power bails. Bad weather, blackouts, it doesn’t matter – your garage is lit and accessible, turning every return home into a smooth entrance, not a survival episode.

25. Timed automatic outdoor lighting: Installing timed automatic outdoor lighting is like throwing a party for your home every night, and security’s on the VIP list. It kicks on the lights when you can’t, keeping shady characters at bay while making sure you never trip over that gnome your aunt got you. It’s your house throwing up the bat signal that it’s protected, classy, and definitely not stumbling in the dark.

26. Hide outlets inside bathroom vanity cabinets: Get savvy with your bathroom setup by tucking outlets inside the vanity cabinets. It’s like giving your electric toothbrush, hairdryer, and shaver their own luxury suite, so they’re not lounging on your counter like they own the place. It keeps your counters sleek and cords discreet, making clutter a thing of the past. Your bathroom goes from a cable nightmare to a smooth operator, and your morning routine feels less like rush hour.

27. Laundry chutes: Launch laundry day into the future by setting up your laundry zone where it actually makes sense – near the bedrooms where all those dirty clothes get ditched. Whether it’s a high-tech laundry chute or a dedicated space that’s just steps from your closet, you’re looking at a game changer. Say adios to carting heavy baskets up and down stairs, and hello to a life where your home bends over backward to make the daily grind a little less grindy. It’s not just smart; it’s genius, making every day feel a little more like living large.

28. Outdoor speakers: For those who love throwing a bash that’s both inside and out, hooking up your pad with a killer sound system that extends from the kitchen to the living room and out to your backyard is a game changer. Picture this: tunes flowing as seamlessly as the conversation, with every corner of your bash pulsating with the perfect background beat. It’s like bringing the heart of the party to every nook and cranny.

29. Induction cooktop: When it comes to whipping up a feast, that induction cooktop has been a game changer in my kitchen. Why? Well, it kicks traditional cooking methods to the curb, ridding my space of those ancient propane or gas stoves. That means I’m cooking clean—no more playing with fire or breathing in those nasty fumes. Plus, my kitchen stays cooler, and I can boil water faster than ever before.

30. Heat pump water heater or tankless: Ditching the old-school water heater for something more my style, like a heat pump water heater or going totally tankless, was a no-brainer. If you’re leaning towards tankless, remember, you’ll need the juice to keep it running—like 100 amps of power ready to go at the drop of a hat. It’s all about getting that hot water on tap, with no waiting around.

31. Heat pump water heater: Tossed out the ancient furnace and AC setup and went all-in with a heat pump. Yeah, I’ve heard the chatter about them not giving off that toasty blast of heat like the old gas guzzlers. But hear me out – with the right setup and heat pump sizing, you’re generally saving money (even if the comfort isn’t the same). Stay clear of those backup electric heaters unless you wanna see your bills hit the roof. Yes, they are needed in extremely cold climates, but the best way to avoid running them is with an artic heat pump or better yet, geothermal. It’s all about that slow, steady warmth that keeps you cozy without burning a hole through your wallet.

32. Exterior insulation: Now mandated by most cold climate building codes. We wrapped our place in exterior insulation like it’s wearing a damn winter coat. Why? Because it’s the hero you don’t see, cutting down on energy loss like nobody’s business by stopping cold in its tracks. When you pair it with traditional in-wall insulation? Boom. You’ve got yourself a fortress of solitude against energy waste. In the bitter cold? It’s not just smart—it’s code.

new home features wall i joist assembly for more insulation

33. 2×6, 2×8 or I-joist wall framing: Upgrading those walls from toothpicks to timber—I’m talking jumping from 2×4 to 2×6, or if you’re feeling like a real high roller, double stud or I joist walls. It’s like padding your place in a thick, insulating hug that keeps the chill out and the cozy in. If you’re serious about cutting that energy bill down to size, investing in that extra insulation isn’t just smart; it’s a downright necessity. Speaking of framing, go with advanced framing details and consider framing styles such as double stud or staggered instead of traditional framing patterns.

34. Built-in spice drawer: And let’s not forget the culinary genius of adding a spice drawer right under the cooktop. Because when you’re in the heat of the moment, channeling your inner chef, you need those spices at hand, ready to elevate your dish from meh to magnificent with just a pinch. That’s not just kitchen design; that’s kitchen domination.

35. Bathtub insulation: Level up your bathing experience by sliding some insulation under those tubs. Keeps the bubbles hot, and your relaxation meter maxed out. It’s like wearing a thermal coat in the winter, but for your bath – traps the heat where you want it, inside your tub. Genius, right?

36. Dedicated sheet drawer: Give your kitchen gadgets—the cookie sheets and cutting boards—their own VIP lounge. A cabinet drawer where they can lay back, stretch out, and not get tangled up with the riff-raff. It’s organizing at its finest, making sure these culinary go-tos are ready to jump into action without a rescue mission.

37. Dimmable light switches: Let’s get moody with lighting, folks. Bedrooms, lounges, and those little reading nooks? They all get the VIP treatment with dimmable switches. Why stick to one vibe when you can customize that ambiance like the interior design wizard you are?

38. Intelligent interior membranes: Slide into the future with a smart wrap around your home – an intelligent interior vapor barrier. This slick move cuts down on sneaky, dirty air sneaking in and ramps up your place’s ability to keep cool in the summer, warm in the winter. It’s like giving your home a high IQ in staying comfortable. Use high-quality acrylic tapes to seal the membrane splices together. Airtightness can go a long way in preventing air leaks that cause building rot.

39. Hospital-grade air filtration: Air so clean, you’ll feel like you’re living in a bubble – but like, a really spacious, luxurious one. We’re talking hospital-grade air filtration, specifically the IQ Air Perfect 16 system. Toss in a UV light purification setup in your ductwork, and bam, you’re breathing in the good stuff 24/7.

40. Backup generator transfer switch: Make power-outage panic a thing of the past by pre-wiring your castle for a backup generator. No more lugging that beast through the house – have it all set up to kick in seamlessly when the world outside goes dark. Efficiency and preparedness, hand in hand.

41. Electric vehicle charging: Future-proof your parking situation by getting your home pre-wired for an electric vehicle charging station. With the way the wind’s blowing, you’ll thank yourself later. Plus, in some spots, the law’s already one step ahead, so consider this move keeping up with the times.

42. Separate quiet and play areas: In the blueprint of your dreams, segment off those soundtracks of your life. Sleeping quarters on this side, party central on that side. Keep the peace by design, isolating those mechanical symphonies and playtime operettas away from where the z’s are caught.

43. Large kitchen hoods with dedicated makeup air: Whether the culinary spirit moves you through gas or electric avenues, a grand hood is your kitchen statement piece. And because modern abodes are sealed tighter than a drum, remember to invite fresh air back to the party with a makeup air system—a lifeline for your home’s breathability. Slap a filter on the incoming air ductwork and/or a pre-heating system, and you’ve just dialed up your cooking game to chef’s kiss status.

44. ERV or HRV: Think about how you’re breathing in your castle, you know? Slap an ERV or HRV into your domain to swap out that old, musty air chilling in your closets and bathrooms with some fresh vibes for your sleeping quarters and chill zones. It’s like having a set of fresh lungs for your home, keeping the air not just alive but kicking.

45. Plywood cabinet construction: When it comes to where you stash your grub and kitchen gear, don’t skimp with that weak MDF garage. Demand the best with dovetail drawers and plywood cabinet bases. This ain’t about just holding spoons and spatulas; it’s about making a statement that even your kitchen’s got muscles.

46. ADA accessible, curbless showers: Planning a palace with aging in place in mind? Don’t mess around and forget about going curbless in your showers until it’s too late. This isn’t about hopping over a tiny wall to get wet; it’s about gliding into your shower like it’s the entrance to Valhalla (wheelchair or not). Make sure that’s in the blueprint from day one, or you’ll be kicking yourself later in your older years.

47. Ball-bearing under mount drawer glides: You ever try to arm-wrestle a kitchen cabinet just to get to that pot in the back? Forget that noise. It’s the 21st century; get yourself some drawers that glide out smooth as butter with those ball-bearing under mount drawer slides. It’s like they’re coming out to greet you, with a cookie sheet or that pasta maker you almost forgot you owned.

48. Soundproof rooms: You got spaces where the magic happens, like the laundry palace, the kiddo’s kingdom (playroom), your home cinema, and even the loo. Don’t let the rest of your abode crash the party with their noise. Wrap those walls in insulation and soundproofing like a loving embrace, keeping the outside, well, outside.

49. Master bedroom bar: Imagine this: you’re lounging in the master suite, and you don’t even have to leave bed for that first-morning sip of coffee or a chilled evening beverage. Install a built-in bar, deck it out with a wall-mounted coffee maker and a mini-fridge. It’s like having a butler without the awkwardness of another human in your bedroom at 7 AM.

50. Bedside outlets: Here’s a no-brainer for any sleeping zone: bedside outlets. How else you gonna charge your gadgets and keep them within arm’s reach? Add some pendant lights dangling gracefully above the nightstands, casting the perfect glow for nighttime readers or setting the mood. It’s about convenience meets ambiance.

51. High-performance windows/doors: Double pane is the standard today, but if your pockets run deep and you’re all about keeping your den a fortress against the elements, pony up for triple-pane windows, maybe over quad-pane. I mean, sure, a passive haus is cool and all, with its snug-as-a-bug vibe, but if you’ve got the coin, why not go for that triple threat? Keep the cold out, the warmth in, and your energy bills like your enemies – defeated. You’d be amazed at how much poor glazing can diminish the overall energy efficiency of an overall super-insulated house.

52. Home elevator: Listen up, for the wise and experienced among us, tossing in an elevator in your castle isn’t just fancy, it’s forward-thinking. Doing this during the build saves you the headache and wallet-ache of tearing down your fortress’s walls later. It’s like choosing between paying now or selling your soul later.

53. Under cabinet lighting: Now, let’s talk about your kitchen battlefield. Slap some LED light strips under those overhead cabinets. Why? Because those bulky things eat up all your light, and if you can’t see what you’re chopping up for your world-famous chili, then what’s the point? Lighting up your prep area makes it 10x less likely you’ll mistake your finger for a carrot.

54. Alarm system: Let’s beef up your fort’s security. Yeah, an alarm system might seem like basic defense, but when you roll with top-shelf stuff like commercial-grade Ubiquiti gear, you’re not just setting the bar, you’re launching it into space. Think security cameras, a smart doorbell — this is the digital moat around your kingdom.

55. Bury a future propane line: Before you wrap up playing in the dirt, get sneaky and bury a propane line. Direct it to your gas grill or your fire pit. Why? Because nothing ruins a perfectly good steak or s’mores session like running outta gas. It’s like having a secret tunnel for propane right into your backyard bash.

56. Ceilings higher than 8′: I’ve been in a lot of rooms, played in a lot of spaces, and I’m telling you—8’ ceilings are a thing of the past. You wanna feel like a king? Raise those ceilings up to 9’, 10’, heck, even 12’. It’s like putting a crown on your room. Add a two-story open ceiling, and suddenly, your place is more grand than a royal palace.

57. Hot water hose bibs: You know what’s cooler than cold water from a hose? Hot water. Adding a hose bib with both hot and cold taps is like unlocking a new level of outdoor utility. Sure, we’re mostly hosing off mud or filling up kiddie pools, but the one time you need hot water and it’s right there? Game changer. Just make sure it looks as good as it functions – nobody wants their castle looking tacky.

58. Window and door head flashing: Don’t let your builder skip it. Period. If saving moolah while being smarter than the weather sounds like your jam, then listen close. Clad those door heads and windows in stainless ($$$) or galvanized steel ($) sheet metal flashing. Why? Because every window will betray you with leaks – today, tomorrow, or when you’re trying to sell. It’s like training your home to fight against the rain.

59. Grocery door pass-through: Ever tried lugging groceries through the equivalent of a maze just to stock your pantry? Add a door straight from the garage to your pantry or mud room. It’s not just smart; it has to be fire-rated smart. It’s like having a secret passage that also keeps you safe.

60. Dog wash station: Last but not least, give your furry best friend their own VIP spa with a dog wash station right in the mudroom. It’s not just a bath; it’s a statement. You’re saying, “Yes, I love my dog enough to give them their own shower.” Plus, it keeps the mess out of your human showers, and honestly, isn’t that the dream?

61. Generous roof overhangs: If you want your house to stand the test of time, then you gotta go big on roof overhangs. Not just any puny overhang, but a majestic, 3’ masterpiece that shields your precious walls from rain’s assault, keeping rot and decay at bay like a champ. It’s like putting a protective cape on your home, and in a building science world, every home deserves to be a superhero. Don’t get caught up in the flush/modern look without an overhang, unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of money on weatherization details.

62. Sponge storage drawers: Now, let me tell you about another game-changer for your kitchen – sponge storage drawers right below the sink. It might sound like a small-time play, but it’s like drafting a secret weapon for your cleaning arsenal. Keeping those sponges and scrubbers stashed away yet within arm’s reach? That’s how you keep your kitchen benches looking less like a disaster zone and more like a sparkling monument to cleanliness.

63. Smart Thermostat: Moving on, smart thermostats aren’t just cool gadgets; they’re like having a personal assistant for your home’s climate. These bad boys learn your schedule, adjust the temp accordingly, and make your home as comfortable as lounging in the VIP section, all while slashing your energy bills like they’re nothing.

64. Double kitchen island: Single kitchen islands are for rookies, unless of course they are aircraft landing sized. Luxury homes these days are all about that double kitchen island life. Picture this: one island for prepping your feast, and another for your adoring fans to gather round, drink in hand, marveling at your culinary prowess. It’s the ultimate setup for entertaining, making your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood and turning every meal into an event.

65. Ladder or pantry cupboards: It’s like having the secret playbook to a perfectly organized kitchen. Stowing away your spices, cans, and everything else into these towering cabinets not only maximizes your space but also adds a touch of elegance and mystique. It’s like the magical wardrobe to Narnia, but for culinary adventurers seeking the holy grail of kitchen organization.

66. Bathrooms for every bedroom: Forget the cramped Jack and Jill setup that forces bedrooms to share a bathroom, we’re talking about giving every bedroom its own full-sized bathroom. Yeah, it’s gonna jack up the price per square foot, but come on, privacy and convenience are king. Picture this—a personal spa retreat right in the comfort of your own bedroom, no waiting in line or dealing with someone else’s wet towels. It’s a game-changer, for sure.

67. 3′ wide x 8′ high doors: Tiny doors? Yeah no. We’re supersizing those bad boys to 36″ wide doors because nothing says ‘welcome’ like a big-ass entryway. Imagine cruising through your home without ever having to do that awkward sideways shuffle. It’s all about moving freely, like a boss, throughout your castle. Plus, when it comes to moving furniture, you’ll be thanking the high heavens for that extra width.

68. 42″+ wide hallways: When I hear about people’s jaws dropping over how spacious my hallways and stairways are, I can’t help but smirk. We’re not living in hobbit homes, folks. Upgrade those pathways to a generous 42” or more. I mean, why squeeze through life? This way, you can strut down your own hall like you own the place—because, well, you do.

69. First floor accessible guest bedroom: Ever think about your grandma having to climb stairs just to crash for the night? Screw that. Installing a first-floor guest bedroom isn’t just courteous—it’s genius. Temporary boo-boo or just getting on in years, this setup has got everyone covered. Bonus points: it doubles as your future, badass, main-floor master suite. Talk about planning ahead.

70. Solar or wind power: Going green isn’t just for tree huggers anymore; everyone has solar these days, some coupled with a beefy Tesla battery or something of the ilk. We’re talking about slashing those energy bills to the bone while sticking it to the utility companies. With the cost of solar plummeting, it’s no longer a ‘maybe’; it’s a ‘hell yes’. And those batteries? They’re the cherry on top. Want to really stick it to the man? Geothermal systems are where it’s at for cranking up your home’s efficiency. It’s like harnessing the core of the Earth to heat and cool your pad. Lower bills, less pollution, and pretty much the closest thing to a superpower your house can have.

72. T&G or shiplap walls: Drywall is the standard for most homes, but it doesn’t stand out. Hit me with that tongue and groove wood on the ceilings instead. Call it vintage, call it rustic, but I call it ‘forever’. So what if the roof springs a leak? Your ceiling’s gonna brush it off like it’s nothing. Wood can get wet, so long as it can dry; drywall on the other hand, turns into “mush-wall”. It’s the kind of upgrade that not only looks architecturally incredible but lasts longer than pretty much anything else in your house.

73. Recessed TV wall outlets: You’re kickin’ it at home, ready to dive into the latest series, only to have your immersive experience wrecked by that darn TV sticking out like a sore thumb. Solution? Sneak those outlets into the wall. This slick move not only cleans up the look of your living room but also keeps your tech game strong and seamless. It’s a small tweak with the power to revolutionize your chill sessions.

74. Real wood-burning fireplaces: Look, when the temp drops, a gas fireplace might seem like the easy button, but it’s the crackle of a real wood-burning fireplace that sets the mood. Get this: logs burning, that woodsy aroma filling the room, and the heat wrapping around you like a cozy hug. If your pad’s rocking a chilly vibe or you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by trees, investing in an efficient wood-burner slashes those heating bills while cranking up the ambiance. Trust me, it’s the game-changer your winter nights are screaming for.

75. Pre-wire for a hot tub: Dreaming of soaking in a hot tub under the stars but the bank account is giving you the cold shoulder? Here’s a pro move – get your future oasis pre-wired. It’s like laying the groundwork for your chill palace. This forward-thinking play not only primes you for eventual hot tub glory but could also bump up your property’s appeal down the line. Because let’s face it, future you is definitely going to want a hot tub.

76. 3-way light switches: Ever stumbled through the dark, cursing under your breath, just to turn off a light? Say no more. Rigging your castle with 3-way light switches is the answer. These bad boys let you flip the switch from multiple spots, and with dimmable options, you’re looking at prime mood-setting capabilities. It’s all about convenience, baby, and this upgrade’s delivering it in spades.

77. Upgraded flooring materials: If your floors are screaming for an overhaul, it’s time to give them the VIP treatment with some hardwood or tile action. Ditch the dated carpet or vinyl for something that screams classy. And if you’re feeling extra, throw down some natural fiber carpet like wool. It’s not just a floor; it’s a statement.

78. Walk in pantry: Let’s talk about a game-changer for your gourmet battles and snack raids – the walk-in pantry. This isn’t just some extra shelf space; it’s your culinary arsenal’s command center. With a dedicated walk-in, you’re looking at storage galore for all those bulk buys, leaving your kitchen cabinets free to house everything else. Because when it comes to food storage, more is more.

79. Oversized garages: When you’re mapping out your fortress, don’t skimp on the garage space. A little extra room means you’re not playing bumper cars every morning. And for those of you wielding tools and crafts, the majestic three-car garage is your holy grail. Think big – room for the ride, the lawnmower, and that saw you swore you needed. It’s not just a garage; it’s your sanctuary of space.

80. Lever door handles: Switch out those twisty round knobs for sleek lever door handles. Besides looking sharp, they’re a game-changer for anyone with grip issues, making every room just a lever pull away. Imagine never fumbling with knobs when your hands are full, or helping an elder easily access any room. Simple, effective, and possibly a lifesaver.

81. Shower benches and niches: Transform your shower into a sanctuary. Start by installing a bench right in the shower – your own private spot to unwind or just keep those extra-large bottles of shampoo. Next, carve out a niche in the shower wall. No more precariously balanced products! Light it up with some LED action, and you’ve got not just convenience but ambiance. It’s all about making every shower feel like a trip to the spa.

82. Overhead rain showerheads: Ever dreamed of dancing in the rain without getting cold or leaving home? Make that dream a reality with a ceiling-installed rain showerhead. Forget the wall-mounted ones; this is like having your personal cloud that pours blissful rain straight down on you, transforming every shower into a serene escape.

83. Whole house wall vacuum system: It’s the Marmite of the home improvement world—you either think it’s the best thing since sliced bread or you don’t get the fuss. But imagine this: no more dragging a clunky vacuum from room to room. Each speck of dust and pet hair disappears through those hidden hoses in the walls. Love it or loathe it, it’s undeniably ingenious.

84. Interior wall niches: Nestle into your nook with interior wall niches and built-in bookcases that extend beyond just the living room or study. Picture this: a cozy corner in every room, where your treasured books or cherished collectibles live. It’s not just storage; it’s adding character and charm across your home, creating little sanctuaries of personal joy.

85. Motorized chandelier lifts: Tackling a two-story chandelier doesn’t have to be your Herculean labor. Fit it with a chandelier lift, and you can bring it down with the ease of a light switch. Imagine effortlessly cleaning or changing bulbs without risking life and limb on a ladder. It’s like giving your grand light fixture its own personal elevator.

86. Automatic window blinds: Embrace the future with electric window blinds and recessed screens that vanish into the wall. Picture this: with just a press of a button, your blinds smoothly descend to block out the glare or provide privacy. And those screens? They’re there when you need them and gone when you don’t, maintaining the sleek lines of your modern home.

87. Christmas tree outlet location: Think ahead to the holiday season and plan your Christmas tree’s throne room. Install dedicated receptacles tied to a wall switch or a manual timer. Envision this—no more contorting yourself to plug in or switch off the tree. With this setup, your tree lights up the room on schedule, spreading holiday cheer without the daily tango.

88. Pop up concealed countertop outlets: Revolutionize your kitchen island with strategically placed outlets for charging devices and powering appliances. Even better, pop-up concealed countertops outlets rise to the occasion when you need them and disappear without a trace when you don’t. It’s all about making your kitchen island not just a food prep zone, but a power hub as well, seamlessly blending technology with functionality.

88. Self-adhered WRB exterior membranes (or liquid applied): You wouldn’t catch me dead using that flimsy perforated wrap or any of its weak cousins. Nah, we went full beast mode with a self-adhering, air-tight membrane that clings to the house like my fans cling to my every word. And if you’re feeling fancy, check out that ZIP system. It’s like the OSB got a built-in shield against the weather. I’ve peeped under the hood of too many cribs falling apart ’cause their wrap couldn’t handle a little sun and rain. Not on my watch.

90. Sill plate sealed connection: You know what grinds my gears? Dirty air sneaking in where it ain’t wanted and bugs acting like they pay rent. So, we slapped some serious tape around the sill plate – that’s where the base of your walls tries to cozy up to the concrete foundation. This isn’t just any tape; we’re talking Proclima magic, sealing the deal against those uninvited guests. It’s like setting the bouncer at the door, making sure only the VIPs (Very Important Particles) get in.

91. I joist engineered ceiling rafters and floor joists: Nobody’s got time for a squeaky, flimsy floor. So, what’s the solution? I joist engineered ceiling and floor joists, my friends. These bad boys are like the steroids of the joist world, minus the side effects. More room for your mechanical doodads and plenty of space to pack in that sweet, sweet insulation. And let’s not forget about floor trusses – another solid contender, though I’ve heard a few whispers about squeaks. But hey, nothing’s perfect except for maybe my fastball.

92. Quiet cast iron vertical drop drains: Let’s talk about keeping the peace – specifically when it’s about draining noise pollution from 2nd story downpours. PVC? Please, we’re not amateurs. Cast Iron is the name of the game. This isn’t just for any room; it’s prime for keeping your slumber zones serene. Trust me, nothing kills the vibe like the sound of Niagara Falls every time someone decides to take a midnight trip to the bathroom. If you’re set on PVC, then wrap it in rockwool or take another soundproofing measure to lower the rushing water noise.

93. Integrated kitchen recycling and trash storage bins: Here’s a shoutout to my green warriors – dedicated zones for recycling and trashing in the kitchen. Not just a touch of class, but a real game-changer for sorting your leftovers from your let-overs. Keeping the planet clean is like keeping your record clean – it feels damn good.

94. Landscape lighting pre-wire: And before you even think about laying down that final sod touch or rolling out the welcome mat, think bigger, future-proof style. Run those landscape light wires, mark their spots with mini flags. It’s like leaving breadcrumbs for your future self, only these lead to a lit-up garden of Eden, not a witch’s oven.

95. Bathroom accessibility: Bathroom safety ain’t just about wiping the seat or aiming straight, folks. It’s about making sure when your legs are more wobbly than a newborn calf, you’ve got something to hold onto. Toilet, shower, and tub grab bars aren’t just for your grandma anymore. They’re for anyone who might’ve partied a little too hard or is planning on hosting a family reunion that spans three generations.

96. Countertop materials, mitered edges and waterfalls: Swap out those dull laminate counters for the sheer class of quartz or some tough-as-nails natural stone like soapstone. You want a kitchen that screams “I’m the boss,” right? Get a dreamy mitered edge quartz waterfall island in the middle of your kitchen. This isn’t just an upgrade; this is turning your cooking space into a freaking statement piece. Trust me, when folks walk into your kitchen, their jaws should hit the floor so hard, they’ll need a map to find their way back up.

97. Premium exterior cladding and siding: Talking about dressing your home’s exterior? Forget that basic vinyl wrap or the clink-clank of aluminum. We’re elevating it to the major leagues with fiber cement board siding, folks. And if your wallet’s fatter than a Thanksgiving turkey, why not go big with IPE wood, Shou Sugi Ban, or even real stone? It’s like putting your house in a Hall of Fame jacket.

98. Seamless floor transitions: In the world of home design, tripping over a floor transition is akin to fumbling the ball on the one-yard line. Seamless floor transitions ain’t just nice; they’re a necessity for a smooth play. But let me tell you, getting there requires the kind of planning usually reserved for a Super Bowl halftime show.

99. Flush baseboards + crown molding: Want to make your place look like it’s straight out of a magazine? Crown molding, recessed modern baseboards, and those sweet little architectural details are like the bling for your home. It’s not about showing off—it’s about living in style, making every room say, “Yeah, I live here.”

100. Recessed drywall strip lighting: You know what sets a modern home apart? It’s like having a secret weapon; recessed drywall strip lighting. It tucks away like a stealth bomber but lights up your home like the Fourth of July. For those looking to live in the future, this sleek, hidden lighting is the way to go.

101. PEX or compression copper water lines: Now, let’s talk about your home’s veins—the water lines. Don’t mess around with sweating copper; that’s like sticking with rotary phones. Don’t get me wrong, I love copper for it’s durability and anti-microbial properties, but it’s expensive today. Pre-sleeve those lines with the good stuff, PEX, especially the championship variety like Uponor. It’s like choosing a star player who can go for ages without breaking a sweat or springing a leak. But hey, if copper’s your old-school pick, at least get those compression fittings on the roster.

102. Whole house water leak detection: Imagine: You’re knee-deep in relaxation after dealing with the world’s B.S. all day, and out of nowhere, your palace starts acting like it’s channeling the Titanic, taking on water like it’s its job. That’s where something badass like the Uponor’s Phyn Plus steps in. This ain’t just any gadget; it’s your home’s personal lifeguard, diving in to cut off the water faster than you can say “leak,” and it pings your phone to tell you it just saved the day.

103. Shielded electrical cables: Now, if you’re living in a spot where mice think they’re part of the family, listen up. These little critters have a taste for the finer things in life, like dining on your wiring. That’s why you gotta toughen up your defense with shielded electrical cables. It’s like putting your wires in a suit of armor. And don’t even get me started on those plastic outlet boxes. Swap them out for metal ones, and it’s like upgrading from a cardboard shack to a steel fortress.

104. Radiant floor heating: Warm toes in the morning are not just for luxury hotels. Bring that feel-good vibe home with radiant floor heating. Whether you plug it into the electric grid or hook it up to the boiler, it’s like walking on a warm beach, minus the sand. Every room turns into a no-chill zone, and let’s be honest, happy feet mean a happy life. My favorite places for heated floors: Kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

105. Whole house fan: Known to suck in unfiltered air, be careful about just installed a whole house fan in your home without doing your due diligence. When the sun clocks out, but it’s still hotter than a pre-game locker room outside, that’s where a whole house fan steps in. This bad boy pulls in cool air like it’s going out of style, slashing those greedy energy bills in the process. It’s like Mother Nature’s own AC, and she doesn’t send you a bill.

106. Countertop backsplashes: Protect your castle’s walls from unsightly water damage with backsplashes over your countertops. It’s like putting a shield in the kitchen and bathroom – keeping them looking sharp and proving that water’s got nothing on you.

107. Storage, storage, and more storage: Because let’s face it, where the hell are you supposed to stash all the gear that lets you dominate every season? From the hallowed Christmas tree to the beast of a snow blower, having a spot for everything makes life a smooth ride, not a scavenger hunt. Speaking of storage, have you considered a dedicated closet in your living room to slide your Christmas tree in and out of? You can leave the ornaments and lights on year-round, just slide it out of sight once a year and close the built-in door.

108. Termite stainless steel screen: In the battle against termites, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Fortify your home’s foundation with a stainless steel screen or rock a Termimesh barrier. It’s like setting up an invisible, impenetrable fortress where termites dare not tread.

109. In-wall toilet tank carriers and floating toilets: An in-wall toilet tank carrier is like the ninja of bathroom design—there when you need it, hidden when you don’t. It’s all the space-saving and sleek looks of tomorrow’s toilet today, and you can kiss goodbye to the days of fearing the dreaded leaky wax ring.

110. Self-adhered roof membrane: Ditch the old-school cap and staple method for a self-adhesive roofing membrane like Sharkskin SA. It’s like giving your house a helmet, ready to take on whatever the sky throws down.

111. Above-ground feeling basements: If you’re going custom with your castle’s basement, think king-size with taller ceilings and a walk-out sliding glass door. It transforms your dungeon into a command center with an “above ground” feel, where you can plot, plan, and execute with the best of them.

112. Rigid sheet metal HVAC ducting: Opt for solid, ridged metal HVAC ducting. It’s the spine of your home’s climate control and you don’t want that backbone made out of something that’s gonna tear like overused gym shorts. And sure, you can throw in some of that flex duct stuff, but keep it to the final stretch, like the last beer run before the party winds down – it keeps things quiet and chill.

113. Heated radiant shower benches: Next up, let’s talk about the ultimate game-changer in your bathroom: heated radiant benches and flooring. It’s like having the warmth of the sun cradled in your tiles and bench. After a long day of being a legend, you deserve to unwind like one too. Trust me, stepping onto heated floors and sitting on a warm bench is like sitting on the throne of comfort itself. Your morning routine just got a whole lot more royal.

114. Under slab insulation: Now, if your digs come with a basement, you gotta treat it like the foundation it is—literally. Under slab insulation isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must. Think of it as wrapping your home in a bear hug, keeping it snug and saving you bucks on your energy bill. It’s like putting your house in a cozy sweater, because nobody wants a cold, damp dungeon under their feet.

115. Natural ventilation and operable skylights: Kick your home’s breathability up a notch with some operable roof skylights. Not only do these bad boys let in a glorious flood of natural light, making your pad look like a million bucks, but they also use something called the stack effect. It’s like, when all the hot air that’s been cramping your style decides to bail, leaving cooler air to crash your pad, making your home chill without cranking up the A/C. It’s like having an all-natural A/C unit that doesn’t jack up your power bills.

116. Garage keyless entry lock: For those of you who live life in the fast lane and can’t be bothered with pesky keys, a keyless entry lock on your garage door is your ticket to the future. Or, upgrade to fingerprint scanners at your main doors for that extra James Bond vibe. Either way, you’re cutting down on clutter and living like the tech-savvy legend you were born to be.

117. Built-in kitchen drawers: Show your kitchen the love it deserves with built-in drawers for your arsenal—knives and bread units. We’re not just talking any drawers; we’re talking about giving your culinary tools the luxury suite. Add pegs for your plates and glasses to live in harmony, organized and ready for action like a well-oiled machine.

118. Fire extinguisher kitchen nook: Hidden in plain sight, a dedicated kitchen nook for a fire extinguisher is the unsung hero of your culinary castle. It’s like having a bodyguard tucked away, ready at a moment’s notice to save the day. And let’s be real, in a home where legendary meals are whipped up, safety is as key as seasoning.

119. Quiet, high-power garbage disposal: Cap it off with a top-tier, whisper-quiet garbage disposal packing more than ½ HP. Brands like Moen know the score. It’s about making clean-up so smooth and noiseless, you’ll forget it’s even a chore. Plus, who wants to be that neighbor, the one who sounds like they’re grinding boulders at all hours? Not you. You’re classier than that.

120. Built-in window bench seating: Imagine waking up, coffee in hand, as you gaze out your bedroom window, nestled comfortably on your built-in window bench seating. It’s not just a seat; it’s your personal nook in the universe, a cozy corner where dreams take flight amidst the cushions. It’s the kind of luxury that transforms a simple bedroom into a sanctuary.

121. Pre-pour in-floor safe block out: When laying down the foundation of your home, think about the future, and not just about the sturdy walls. Carve out a space in that freshly poured slab for an in-floor safe. Sure, you could hammer and chisel your way through concrete later, kicking up a storm of dust, but why face that hassle when you can plan ahead? It’s about making security seamlessly integrated, not an afterthought.

122. Tornado body-dryer: Step out of the shower and into the embrace of warm air with a Tornado body-dryer. This isn’t just blowing hot air; it’s reinventing your post-shower ritual. Picture this: no more damp towels, just you and an invigorating gust of air, giving you a spa-like luxury within the comfort of your own bathroom.

123. High CFM low sone bathroom exhaust fans: Every modern sanctuary deserves a bathroom that whispers tranquility, and that’s where a large CFM bathroom fan with a whisper-quiet pedigree comes into play. The Panasonic Whisperquiet bath fans, my personal favorite, don’t just suck out humidity; they do it so silently, you’ll wonder if they’re even there. It’s the crown jewel of bathroom refinements, ensuring your oasis of calm remains uninterrupted.

124. Backup power options: For those moments when the world outside goes dark, ensure your home remains a beacon of light and warmth with a backup power system. Whether it’s the humble battery, the roaring diesel, the steadfast gasoline, the clean-burning natural gas, or even propane, having that power on standby is like having a silent guardian ready to spring into action. It’s not just about keeping the lights on; it’s about preserving your peace of mind through any storm.

125. Ductwork in the conditioned space: The blueprint for a healthy home starts with how and where you lay out your ductwork. Tucking it safely within the conditioned space of your home isn’t just good practice; it’s a vow to serve and protect the air you breathe from unseen invaders. Letting ductwork wander into unconditioned territories like the attic invites discomfort and dust—unwanted guests that no homeowner wants to host.

126. Exterior wall rainscreens: Encase your home in the loving arms of rain screens. These aren’t just layers; they’re your exterior walls’ best friends, allowing your house to breathe and dry out, thus prolonging the life of your paint and structure. In an era where homes are buttoned up tight for efficiency, this gap behind your siding isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity for endurance in the face of nature’s tests.

127. Drains and capillary breaks: Perimeter drains around your basement or foundation aren’t just a line of defense; they’re your home’s moat against the onslaught of the elements. Even in arid conditions or high atop the mountains in Colorado, when the skies decide to open up, you’ll be ready. It’s not just about avoiding a soggy present; it’s about safeguarding against a flooded future. Layer on that membrane and break the capillary action with more than just traditional damp proofing, because your home deserves a fortress-level foundation. For all exterior drains, consider upgrading from the cheap corrugated black drainage pipe to Schedule 40 PVC; it will last far longer.

128. Insulated footers: Keep your toes and your wallet happy with insulated footers, a game-changer for thermal efficiency. Tuck that insulation cozy on the inside, avoiding the need for extra coverings and safeguarding it from the relentless battle against weed whackers. It’s like wrapping your house in a snug blanket, keeping the warm in and the weed whacker despair out.

129. Solid core interior doors: Now, if the sound of silence is music to your ears, solid core doors are what you need in your life. These bad boys act like bouncers, keeping unwanted noise from crashing your peace party. Got a soft spot for the ruckus? Stick to the lean, mean hollow-core squad and save your dough for the after-party.

130. Real wood baseboards and trim: Let’s talk about the unsung heroes – real wood baseboards. These sturdy warriors stand guard against the onslaught of dings, water mishaps, and the dreaded scratch fest better than their MDF cousins. Investing in them means betting on a long, beautiful life together, with fewer touch-ups and more “oohs” and “ahhs.”

131. All electric houses: Hit the modern mark with all-electric appliances, including HVAC systems that whisper sweet nothings instead of hollering old combustion blues. Bonus: Your roof gets to chill without extra holes, and your indoor air stays as fresh as a daisy. Once you experience the magic of induction cooking, that gas stove becomes the relic of a bygone era. Water boiling at lightning speed? Welcome to the future.

132. Hidden and secret rooms: Inject a dose of intrigue into your abode with a secret room. Imagine a sanctuary only you can access, where adulting gets its own space, or a cozy hideout for those moments you need an escape from the world. It’s like being the star of your own mystery novel, with secret passages that whisper tales of adventure and solitude. Don’t forget about the hidden pantry door in the kitchen.

133. Integrated dust collection system: For the woodworking warriors, gear up your space with ductwork designed for a dust collection system. Think of it as creating a breath of fresh air in your workshop, keeping it as pristine as your craftsmanship. And, while you’re at it, a duct to the great outdoors for that garage can banish the hot, stale air of summer, turning it into your cool, creative haven.

134. Hot water recirculation pump: There’s no greater test of patience than waiting for water to heat up. But when you’ve got a hot water recirculation pump installed, that waiting game becomes a thing of the past. Especially crucial for those living off the grid or where the only water comes from a haul, this gadget ensures your comfort doesn’t hinge on your location’s limitations.

135. Fire sprinkler system: Think fire sprinklers are just for those surrounded by kindling-dry forests ready to ignite? Think again. Even if your home isn’t nestled in a wildfire hotspot, having a sprinkler system is like hiring a full-time firefighter to stand guard 24/7. Sure, the price tag might make your wallet flinch—sometimes rocketing into the realm of five figures—but when it’s about keeping your castle and its inhabitants safe, it’s worth every penny.

136. Whole house surge protection: Investing a mere Benjamin Franklin can majorly upgrade your home’s defense system against electrical invaders. A whole-house surge protector squats in your electrical panel, taking up no more room than a single breaker, but stands tall against potentially devastating voltage spikes. It’s an unsung hero in the preservation of your home’s electronic lifeblood.

137. Hidden bathroom TVs: Concealing a TV in the master bathroom offers a splash of luxury to your daily routines. Whether it’s staying updated with the morning news during your shave, or catching up on your favorite series while soaking in the tub, this feature transforms ordinary bathroom time into an extraordinary escape.

138. Tray and coffered ceilings: Elevating your ceiling style with tray or coffered designs isn’t just about setting your home apart—it’s about creating an atmosphere. While not every room demands such sophistication, incorporating these designs in select areas, like the dining room or entryway, can effortlessly boost your home’s character and charm.

139. Steam showers: Embrace the allure of a steam shower in your own bathroom. This isn’t just an upgrade; it’s an invitation to indulge in your own personal wellness retreat. Detox, relax, and let the steam envelop you in comfort, transforming your showering experience into a spa-like sanctuary.

140. Master bedroom patios and decks: For those who greet the day with a cup of coffee in hand, imagine stepping out onto a deck directly off your master bedroom. It’s not just a luxurious addition; it’s a chance to start your mornings peacefully, embraced by fresh air and the first light of day, all from the comfort of your own secluded outdoor space.


Even more new home must haves and nice to haves:

141. Outdoor recreation areas such as a salt water pool with shower.
142. Greenglue for sandwiching drywall layers for additional soundproofing.
143. Future proof conduit for all technology wires such as HDMI or Ethernet.
144. Screened in back porch.
145. Exposed hand-hewn vintage wood beams or exposed steel I-beams.
146. Double oven for the kitchen.
147. Garage freezer/fridge for storing beverage and long term frozen foods.
148. Microwave that’s not above the oven.
149. Copper manifold with individual shut off valves to each line in house.
150. Water hammer arrests to stop banging nose when faucets are closed.
151. Recessed fridge for clean, space-saving look.
152. ICF home construction for energy efficiency and hurricane strength.
153. Gravel under slab vapor barrier for drainage and capillary break.
154. Gun storage room that doubles as a tornado shelter or secure room.
155. Impact resistant window films on all glass for high winds and break-ins.
156. Pot filler for cooking. Add one for above dog water bowl and another for filling up mop buckets.
157. Trash compactor for space saving.
158. Built-in paper towel and napkin holders.
159. Low VOC building materials and paints for better indoor health.
160. Screened and ember blocking soffit vents for wildfires.
161. Steel framed decking in place of traditional treated lumber.
162. Skylights for more natural room lighting and star gazing.
163. Heated driveway for no snow plowing.
164. Blocking for all wall-mounted television areas.
165. Place all plumbing on non-exterior walls for thermal efficiency.
166. Upgrade to higher carpet padding that feels softer and lasts longer.
167. Add kid fun paint to rooms such as chalkboard, magnetic, glow or dry-erase.
168. Install wiring for a bathroom towel warming rack.
169. Add outlets in baseboard by toilets for electrical bidets
170. Bidet installed alongside toilets and/or urinal for husbands to enjoy.
171. Go with all 20-amp circuits using 12/2 wire instead of 14/2.
172. Wire an old-fashioned doorbell or go with a modern camera button option.
173. Add a metal pan under dishwasher and kitchen sink where leaks often occur.
174. Install pocket doors with auto-close to save space.
175. Opt for multi-point locking exterior doors for a tighter seal/higher security.
176. Install a natural cold-storage root cellar.
177. Climate controlled wine room or cellar. We used Vino Pins.
178. Install indoor air quality, carbon monoxide, and water leak sensors, etc.
179. Run 4” PVC under concrete driveways or pathways for future wiring needs.
180. Add lighting to stairway treads.
181. Install a dog door.
182. Add a roof tie-off point anchor for cleaning solar panels and making repairs.
183. Add a sink to the garage for washing paints, grease, etc.
184. Under slab radon mitigation PVC with a pre-wired fan in utility room.
185. Waterwise landscaping or gravel in place of grass for lower water usage.
186. Step stool under kitchen sink and bathroom vanities for kids.
187. Whole house de-humidifier or humidifier depending on climate zone.
188. Glass or steel railing instead of traditional wood.
189. Dedicated teen/kids media lounge for happy parents.
190. Mold-blocking drywall in bathrooms and laundry rooms.
191. Schluter Kerdi or similar system in place of hold methods like hot mopping.
192. Reverse osmosis water filtration in addition to UV light systems.
193. Modern chain rain downspouts plus a concealed gutter system.
194. Modern recessed bathroom mirrors with no frames or clips.
195. Waterfall kitchen countertop island with all mitered edges.
196. Ramp sink drains and tile-over infinity drain for shower floors.
197. Backlit or LED surround mirrors.
198. Wall mounted bathroom faucets for ease of cleaning.
199. Bookmatched marble for walls and flooring.
200. Linear slot diffuser HVAC vents for ceiling or Aria vents for floors.
201. Custom built in closet storage over traditional single rods.
202. Herringbone wood pattern decking or soffits at all corners.
203. Wall hung toilet with electronic flushing sensor wall plate.
204. Electric kitchen sink faucet for hands-free operation.
205. Marble kitchen and cabinet drawer fonts.
206. Under cabinet toe-kick LED lighting.
207. ½” Shower glass walls instead of slimmer profiles.
208. Single exhaust fan connecting all bathroom vents for less exterior and roof penetrations.
209. Only one wire per exterior wall penetration. Easier to air seal.
210. Color electric receptacle and cover with final wall color.
211. Overhang above front door to protect waiting guests from rain and snow.
212. Advanced framing for increased energy efficiency and less thermal bridging.
213. Fire-resistant insulation over spray foam insulation, such as Rockwool.
214. Steel ductwork instead of using joists or studs for ductwork as it rots framing.
215. Non vinyl, breathable, wallpaper-free exterior walls. Prevents moisture issues. Go with fabric as an upgrade to paint.
216. Cathedral, vaulted ceilings throughout new house instead of wasted attic space.
217. Plumbing roof vents installed at rear of house roof so they cannot be seen from road.
218. Conditioned crawlspace or basement for mechanicals. Don’t vent crawlspaces, it cases mold.
219. Schluter or similar, tile uncoupling membrane over concrete to prevent cracking from movement.
220. In floor outlets under all desk for wire organization.
221. Big ass fans for living room and patios.
222. Heated and cooled garage for year-round comfort.
223. Steel framed floating thick wood tread staircase over traditional wood framing.
224. Cozy built-in breakfast nook in kitchen.
225. Courtyard in middle of home for outdoor/indoor experience with plants and trees.
226. Indoor slide connecting highest floor to basement. Doubles as laundry chute.
227. Outdoor living areas such as pizza ovens, pellet grills, etc.
228. Countertop mounted, air powered garbage disposal button.
229. Panel ready appliances for seamless look.
230. Quartz, granite or marble over cheaper alternatives.
231. Energy star appliances, LED bulbs, and other energy saving electronics.
232. Low-profile, seamless indoor outdoor door sill plate.
233. Bent sheet metal corners for siding to eliminate caulking (which will fail).
234. Engineered flooring for heavy natural stone tubs.
235. Pendant lighting instead of recessed cans for bedroom and bathroom accents.
236. Stainless steel soffit and wood decking screws.
237. Turn table in garage for rotating cars.
238. Drive through in and out doors for garage so you never have to back in or out.
239. Oxygen generation HVAC for high altitude home comfort.
240. Built in aquariums or jelly fish tanks. See though glass pool bottoms or walls.
241. Underground basement bowling alleys or private shooting ranges.
242. Attached barn for close-by animal herd maintenance.
243. Starlight LED ceiling for home theater.
244. Home sauna and private fitness/message spa center.
245. Built-in kitchen fireplace or pizza oven.
246. Attached greenhouse or conservatory for growing plants in winter.
247. Sunken lounge in living room or swimming pool.
248. Add framing blocking for porch swings or bedroom swings.
249. Private home cigar and smoking lounges.
250. Under soffit exterior home lighting.
251. Wood clad, steel or glass garage doors.
252. Emtek ball bearing interior door hinges. No more metal dust.
253. Install cook-top knobs into countertop fronts with mitered edges.
254. Heat pump dryer for energy savings and reduced fire risk.
255. Thick, solid-wood door jambs and flush casing reveal.
256. Siding butt joint flashing such as Tamlyn Proline Plank Flash.
257. Perforated Schedule 40 PVC for drainage pipes instead of traditional black corrugated pipe.
258. Wall mounted garage door openers.
259. Powdercoated garage door hardware and track for smooth operation.
260. Reinforced garage door wind bars for protection from strung gusts.
261. HVAC equipment mounted on springs to reduce vibration.
262. HVAC heat pump anchored on concrete pad to prevent brazed line vibration.
263. For metal roofing, go with hail resistant construction (the thickest gauge). You’ll often save majorly on insurance premiums.

264. Include a 220V to garage (tools, future electric car etc).

265. Linear shower drains placed at the wall, not the center of the shower. (When placed along the wall, you don’t step over the drain area or see hair around drain)


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