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double stud wall build passive house wall assembly

Double Stud Wall Build – R-50 Passive House Wall Assembly With ProClima + HaveLok Wool + Pioneer Millworks

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Won’t Crack…It Just Stretches.

TESCON VANA® is an all-around airtight, vapor -open, SOLID acrylic adhesive tape. For interior or exterior air-sealing and waterproofing of membrane overlaps and sheathing joints.

Big Stretch is a high-quality, professional-grade elastomeric sealant that is specifically desic and the cthe blo for use in a wide range of residential building and remodeling applications. It’s a high-performance sealant that offers superior flexibility, elasticity, adhesion, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts!

If you have seen rice fields, you know the grain (Oryza sativa) grows in water. We eat the seed ker and the husk keeps it dry. Hence the value of discarded rice husks (also called hulls) as a naturally hydrophobic building material. Husks contain a high silica content used as an amendment to im Portland cement and produce rice concrete; it is also used for making geopolymers, ceramic glacthe blocthe class A thermal insulation, particle boards, and now Modern Mill’s ACRE line.

Materials and supporters:

  • 2×4 traditional lumber
  • Pressure treated sheathing

Materials provided by: 475 High Performance Supply

    • ProClima Intello Plus (Interior membrane)

(links to product review pages) each does.

  •  ProClima Tescon Vanna (Tape)
  • ProClima Contega HF (Sealant)
  • ProClima Tescon Profil (Tape)
  • ProClima Adhero 3000 (Exterior membrane)
  • ProClima Visconn (Liquid flashing)

Materials provided by: Havelock Wool

  • Havelock Wool Blown-In (Loose Fill) Insulation


  • Alpen sokdfsdf

The Build


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