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Top 100 Best Cedar Home Exterior Ideas – Stained Wood Home Exterior Designs

Top 100 Best Cedar Home Exterior Ideas – Stained Wood Home Exterior Designs

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Not just built but passionately crafted from the soul of the earth: cedar. Cedar, my friends, isn’t merely wood; it’s the testament to what happens when nature collides with innovation, resulting in home exteriors that speak volumes of who you are before you’ve even uttered a word.

Imagine your residence not just as a mere structure but as a beacon of style, a fortress of personality swathed in the unparalleled aura of cedar. These beautiful wooden home exteriors aren’t just designed; they’re meticulously crafted to echo the prowess and charisma of their owner — in this case, you; illuminated under the spotlight where you rightfully belong.

Let’s embark on this journey with the number one cedar home exterior that doesn’t just command attention, it seizes it, holds it captive, and makes it sit down for dinner.

Envision tiers of cedar, each layer whispering tales of the forest, of resilience, and of timeless charm. The way the sunlight dances off each plank, creating a harmony of shadows and light that plays gently across your façade. This home doesn’t just exist within nature; it serenades it, engaging in a tender dialogue with the wind and the sun.

Moving on, imagine all the wonderful assortments of stained cedar exteriors that embrace the modern without foregoing the warmth of tradition. Here, rich browns and soothing creams intersect with the organic texture of cedar, forming a visage that’s as contemporary as it is comforting. It’s the embodiment of forward-thinking, of not just stepping into the future but leaping into it with both feet planted firmly. This design whispers of late-night strategy sessions fueled by ambition and the indomitable spirit of innovation.

Now, when it comes to cedar, there’s something called Appearance Grade or Select Lumber, designed for the real show-offs who know their cedar ain’t just wood; it’s a statement. Appearance grades go from A to D, with A being the top dog, the cream of the crop. But let’s not forget about the heavy hitters in the appearance grade cedar world: Clear and Knotty, or as the insiders call it, STK.

Clear Cedar, which falls into the A & Better category, is like the supermodel of cedars. It’s almost completely free of knots, giving you that smooth, refined look that says, “Yeah, I’m better than you.” But remember, getting your hands on 100% knot-free Cedar is like finding a unicorn at a horse race – rare and pricey. If that’s what you’re after, you’re looking for Clear Vertical Grain Cedar, the holy grail of knotless wood.

On the flip side, we’ve got Knotty or STK – that’s Select Tight Knots for those not in the know. This is where your cedar shows its wild side, with knots that scream, “I’m a rugged, rustic badass,” perfect for adding character and telling a story.

But hold on, we’re not done yet. Sometimes, you get a combo – like a hybrid athlete that excels in both the structural and appearance leagues. Imagine snagging a Number 2 structural grade that’s also flaunting an A & Better appearance grade. That’s like having a linebacker with the moves of a ballet dancer – pure poetry in motion.

So, there you have it. Whether your style is more polished and pristine or rugged and rustic, there’s a cedar out there that’s just waiting to take your home exterior to the next level of architectural bliss.

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