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Top 100 Best Vertical Siding Ideas – Exterior Home Vertical Siding Designs

Exterior Vertical Siding Ideas – Top 100 Best Home Vertical Siding Designs

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You know what, folks? I’m Brian Cornwell and when it comes to shaking things up, I’m your freakin’ maestro. Horizontal lap siding on homes? That’s old news, it’s what everyone expects. Like sheep following the herd.

But me? I’m all about flipping the script. That’s why I’m here to tell you about the marvel, the showstopper of home exteriors – vertical siding.

We’re exploring the architectural beauty of vertical steel, fiber cement, wood (both natural and engineered), and way more. Steel, with its indomitable strength, daring any storm to just try and take a crack at it. Fiber cement, the affordable chameleon, versatile and sturdy, bringing that sleek, modern edge. And natural wood, the classic, timeless, providing warmth and a nod to the earthy world. Each one, a unique character in the epic saga of your home’s façade.

And why go vertical? It’s all about that distinct aesthetic, that visual punch in the gut that says, “Hey, look at me.” It’s for those who dare to be different, who have the guts to stand out from the mundane sea of horizontal sameness. Vertical siding draws the eye up, makes your abode look taller, more imposing, like a king among peasants.

It’s not just a choice; it’s a statement. A declaration that you’re not here to play it safe or blend in. You’re here to be bold, to rewrite the rules of exterior home design. So, let’s grab that ordinary, horizontal expectation by the throat and show it the door. It’s time to embrace the unique aesthetic of vertical siding. Because, in this world, if you’re not making waves, you’re just floating in them. And Brian Cornwell? I surf those freakin’ waves.

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