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Brick And Stone Ideas – Top 100 Best Home Exterior Designs

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First off, let’s talk bricks – not just any bricks, but the kind that make your house look like it’s been there since the dawn of time, soaking up stories and cool points like a sponge.

We’re lookin’ at classics like red clay bricks, giving your place that timeless appeal; or if you’re feeling a bit more avant-garde, go for those glazed bricks to add a slick shine that catches the eye.

But here’s where it gets as cool as me on a jet ski – mixing those tough, weathered bricks with stone. Think about layering in some limestone for its creamy texture that feels like it’s whispering sweet nothings to your eyeballs. Or maybe slate, with its rugged layers, giving off that “I’m not just a pretty face; I’ve got depth” vibe.

And if you really want to make the neighbors jealous, throw in some natural granite or marble; that stuff’s as tough as it gets, not to mention, beautiful and expensive. Your home’s exterior will thank you, your wallet, not so much.

Combining stone and brick isn’t just slapping two cool materials together and hoping for the best. It’s an architectural art, man – like level 5 drywall finishing or large format tiling. You’ve got to balance the rough with the smooth, the rugged with the refined, creating a symphony for the senses that says, “Yeah, this is a beautiful house.

Each choice, from the pattern of your bricks to the rugged charm of your stone, tells a story where every glance reveals something more, a home that’s not just lived in, but alive. That’s how you take the ordinary and kick it up into the stratosphere.

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